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Callanetics Trainer
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Forget slogging it out for miles on the treadmill or spending hours in aerobics classes. If you’re tired of traditional exercise programmes which produce little or no results why not try a callanetic toning class? Unlike other high impact exercises, callanetics students exercise using safe and injury free techniques which are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.

Callanetics offers a series of unique exercises carefully designed to activate the body’s deepest muscles – the big powerful ones that work on the surrounding muscles. Using tiny, precise, pulsing movements, callanetics tightens and reshapes your body while increasing strength, flexibility and body alignment.

Each muscle group is warmed, worked and then stretched to ensure total body health, increasing strength, flexibility and endurance. These techniques create rapid results: just 1 hour of Callanetics exercises has the tightening and lifting value of 20 hours of aerobics.

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Group Classes
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Private Classes
Callanetics Suitable for All Ages
Suitable for All Ages

What makes Callanetics Classes Different from Other Exercise Classes?

This program is non-impact and easy on the joints, tendons and ligaments, making it a comfortable exercise for most people no matter their age or currently level of fitness. The programme is versatile and can be tailored for pregnant women with the approval of medical practitioners, helping you stay strong and flexible before and after the birth.

Callanetics is also a great alternative to Yoga or Pilates.

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Classes are located in Newton Mearns only a short distance from Busby, Clarkston, Giffnock, Eaglesham, Shawlands & Glasgow. If you are interested in any of our Callanetics classes in the South Side of Glasgow then please phone us on
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